Track and Field

There are two track and field fixtures per year organised by EAMA :

  • Indoor Inter Area Challenge, usually at Lee Valley in February/March (2018 event Sun 4 Mar 2018)   Despite the adverse weather, the 2018 event is on.
  • Outdoor Inter Area Challenge, usually at Solihull, in July (2018 event Sun 8 Jul 2018)

These are team competitions, and although organised by EAMA, are open to all masters area clubs in the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  All athletes are selected by area club team managers, there are no individual or guest entries.

Competition is organised for men and women in four age groups, 35-49, 50,59, 60-69, 70+. Three trophies are presented to the winning teams at the end of each meeting, to the men’s team, the women’s team and the overall winners.

Both meetings are provided with generous financial support by England Athletics.



England Masters Indoor Track & Field Inter Area ChallengeResults

Track & Field Secretary’s Report for 2017

Two Inter-Area matches have been held, the indoor at Lee Valley in February and the outdoor at Solihull in July.

Lee Valley  Indoor – Seven area clubs entered at Lee Valley, where Southern Counties won the men’s match by 240 points to Midland Masters’ 224, the women’s by 208 to Eastern Masters’ 196 and the overall by 448 to Eastern Masters’ 404.  The multi talented Diana Norman, SCVAC, W40, won six events, scoring a total of 42 points, easily the highest score by any athlete, while Lawrie Dunn, MMAC, M70, won four events, and was the highest male points scorer with 28.  M35 James Thie, WMAA, had a very demanding day, winning three events in very fast times, 800m, 1:56.40, 1500m, 4:00.4 and 3000m, 8:57.52.

CLUB               MEN         WOMEN          TOTAL
SCVAC             240                 208                 448
EMAC              208                 196                 404
MMAC             224                 152                  376
WMAA             168                 176                  344
VAC                  182                 136                  318
SWVAC             65                   14                    79
NIMAA              42                   30                   72


Solihull Outdoor – Eight area clubs entered at Solihull, where Midland Masters won the men’s match by 347 points to Southern Counties’ 287.5, the women’s match by 299 Welsh Masters’ 252 and the overall by 646 to Welsh Masters’ 519.5.   Again   Diana Norman was the highest points scorer in the match with 46.   Outstanding performances came from two MMAC athletes, Dean Storry, M35, a 2.01 high jump and multi world record holder, Angela Copson, W70, 2:55.7 for 800m.

CLUB               MEN           WOMEN         TOTAL
MMAC             347                 299                 646
WMAA            267.5               252                 519.5
SCVAC            287.5               196                 483.5
NMAC             177                  190                  367
EMAC             123                  189                  312
VAC                 184                    73                  257
SWVAC             88                    59                  147
NEMAA             88                    30                 118

Arthur Kimber


Note the 2018 dates for these two events are :
Lee Valley Indoor  –   Sunday 4 March 2018
Solihull Outdoor  –  Sunday 8 July 2018

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