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EAMA each year seeks to select a team of athletes in the five year age groups to take part in the British & Irish Masters Cross Country International (usually held in November each year).  Selection normally takes place in late summer and potential athletes must be a member of one of the constituent clubs (EMAC, IoM, MMAC, NMAC, NEMAA, SCVAC, SWVAC or VAC as either a first or second claim member).  The detailed selection process is published in the Spring and the hopeful athletes should make their submission via their constituent club representative.

EAMA Team Photo for B&I International XC 2017   Picture by Stephen Latimer (this and others at

In 2017 the event was hosted by the Northern Ireland Athletics Masters Association in Derry on 18th November 2017.  The series of races for Masters athletes in 5-year age group bandings from 35 up to 75 took place on the Saturday afternoon on 18th November at Gransha Park in the City.  Male and female teams compete at a high level and during the evening, following the series of races, there is an annual dinner and presentation of awards at the Hastings Everglades Hotel on the evening of the race.

The England Team after the application, selection and offer process has been announced :

2017 Final Selection


The results published : XC Results 2017


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