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EAMA each year seeks to select a team of athletes in the five year age groups to take part in the British & Irish Masters Cross Country International (usually held in November each year).  Selection normally takes place in late summer and potential athletes must be a member of one of the constituent clubs (EMAC, IoM, MMAC, NMAC, NEMAA, SCVAC, SWVAC or VAC as either a first or second claim member).   The process adopted for 2018 is as follows :

England Athletics Masters Association invite all runners who qualify to run for England to apply for selection for the above event which will be held in Swansea, Wales on Saturday 17 Nov 2018.


Race Categories are Women 35 to 70+ and Men 35 to 75+ in 5 year age groups.  The selectors will look at runners performances in 2018 in BMAF and EAMA club races, over 5K and 10K on the road, track and trail, as well as in other appropriate races.  BMAF and EAMA events will give the selectors the opportunity to compare performances of runners against each other.


EAMA will be looking closely at the results from the EAMA Inter-Club Cross Country on Saturday 29 Sept 2018 at Bury St. Edmunds as these will give a more up to date idea of form at Cross Country.  Application forms and information regarding the requirements will be available on the BMAF website with a link to EAMA as well as from your own Masters Club nominated contact.


Please send a Stamped Addressed Envelope should you want printed details when you contact your nominated person.  All applications must be on the EAMA-XC-2018-papers.


Sadly, EAMA are unfortunately, not in a financial position to assist with traveling or hotel expenses.  A team vest may be supplied but the rest of the kit required will be need to be supplied by the runner themselves.


Selection will take place early in October and all applicants will be informed of the selectors decision as soon after the selection meeting as possible.





EAMA Team Photo for B&I International XC 2017   Picture by Stephen Latimer (this and others at

In 2017 the event was hosted by the Northern Ireland Athletics Masters Association in Derry on 18th November 2017.  The series of races for Masters athletes in 5-year age group bandings from 35 up to 75 took place on the Saturday afternoon on 18th November at Gransha Park in the City.  Male and female teams compete at a high level and during the evening, following the series of races, there is an annual dinner and presentation of awards at the Hastings Everglades Hotel on the evening of the race.


The International was another success for England but we were pushed very close in the overall team event by Republic of Ireland.  We are still having difficulties in fielding a strong M35 team although we did have the individual winner.  Our strength has always been in our teams as shown by the fact that we won 11 out of 17 gold medals.  Of the individual medals the women gained 9 out of a possible 24 and the men 14 out of 27.

The cost of getting to the Internationals may dictate whether runners apply or not which may have a bearing on the teams we are able to put out.

We would also like to say a big thank you to David and Ruth Lesley for the excellent work they do as Team Managers.  Having seen at close quarters, what the job entails we have nothing but admiration for the effort they put in as TM’s.  On behalf of all the runners who participated in the event we would like to say Thank You very much.

The 2018 event will be held in Swansea and organised by Welsh Masters on 17 November 2018.


The results published : XC Results 2017


For Discussion – Draft Selection Criteria for B&I Masters XC 2018 on

  • The EAMA Inter-Area Cross Country may be used as a selection race for the Cross Country International
  • At least 50% of a team will be selected on the results in the EAMA event
  • The remainder of the team may be selected at a selection meeting held shortly after the EAMA event
  • Runners selected for the International will be the first runners to cross the line in their International age group
  • Runners must meet the B&IMCCI guidelines regarding qualification to run for a country
  • All runners seeking International selection must be a paid up member of a BMAF Masters / Veterans club


Draft Guidance – EAMA Inter-Area XC 2018 on

  • The Event will be known as the EAMA Inter-Area Cross Country
  • Runners must be a paid up or life member of the Area they represent
  • There will be Men and Women’s teams
  • Runners will enter the event as individuals
  • The course will consist of a 2K lap
  • Women will run 6K and men will run 8K
  • Points will be awarded according to the total number of scoring competitors in each race
  • The runner with the best age graded result will get the highest points working down to the last runner who will get ONE point
  • The winning area will be the one with the HIGHEST combined total
  • In the event of area clubs having the same highest  overall combined scores the winning team will be the one whose runner has the best age graded result.
  • Prize certificates will be awarded to all scoring competitors of the winning area club
  • Profits from the race will be split 50/50 between the organising club and EAMA when all expenses have been paid.



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