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EAMA each year seeks to select a team of athletes in the five-year age groups to take part in the British & Irish Masters Cross Country International (usually held in November each year).  Selection normally takes place in late summer and potential athletes must be a member of one of the constituent clubs (EMAC, IoM, MMAC, NMAC, NEMAA, SCVAC, SWVAC or VAC as either a first or second claim member).
Entry Form for those wishing to take part in the “Open Race”



***   Team Selection Announcement   ***

The team has been announced here.

2019 Selection Process  – Event being held in Southport 16 Nov 2019
Kim Matthews is the EAMA Cross Country Secretary and has produced the full details for the 2019 Selection process.  This updates and enhances the “taster” paper previously available and provides you with all you need.  All aspiring cross country athletes should read the process document and submit their application to be in the hands of their selector not later than 27 Sept 2019.  The full pack of papers to support the selection process are here  2019 B&I Selection for EAMA.

Update regarding selection for the England international cross country, to be held at Southport :

All the papers needed for this event are on both England Masters and BMAF websites.  Athletes may also be aware that an additional event has also been added to the selection criteria.  This event is the inter area cross country challenge to be held at Bury St Edmunds on the 28th September.  This will be used as just one element of the selection criteria that has already been listed.  We are aware that  the cross country challenge has been added very late, this is because there was doubt that it would go ahead due to finding a host venue this year.  We are also aware that the application forms need to be in to area selectors the day before the event.  Please rest assured that we will have a full set of results at the meeting.  If however you would like your time and position added to your individual form then contact your area rep and they will add it for you.

Kim Matthews
EAMA cross country Secretary


2018 Report
This year’s race was held at Singleton Park, Swansea on the 17th November. The course was very undulating on normal grass as you would expect for a park. Fortunately the weather was fine and sunny but not too hot.

England swept the team awards winning all age groups apart from the Men’s 75 where we finished 2nd.

Congratulations must go to our individual medal winners:

Gold: Kate Rennie (SCVAC) W45; Kathryn Bailey (SWVAC) W50; Yuko Gordon (EMAC) W65; Angela Copson (MMAC) W70; Alastair Watson (MMAC) M40; James Skinner (SCVAC) M45;     Tim Hartley (MMAC) M50; and Ben Grant (NMAC) M70.

Silver: Jessica Franklin (VAC) W35; Kirst Longley (NMAC) W40; Julie Dixon (SWVAC) W45; Caroline Wheelhouse (NMAC) W60; Dot Fellows (MMAC) W70; Will Smith (NMAC) M40; Scott Smith-Bannister (SCVAC) M55; Nigel Gates (SWVAC) M65.

Bronze: Lara Bromilow (EMAC) W35; Louise Rudd (NMAC) W40; Jacqueline Rockliffe (SWVAC) W45; Clare Elms (VAC) W50; Monica Williamson (MMAC) W55; Linda Hembury (VAC) W60; Dorothy Kesterton (NMAC) W65; Nick Jones (NMAC) M40; Simon Baines (VAC) M45;  Andrew Leach (EMAC) M50; Guy Woods (SWVAC) M55; Paul Merrison (NEMAC) M60;  David Butler (EMAC) M65; Phil Brennan (MMAC) M75..

The overall team scores were as follows:

MEN’S TEAM           ENG    IRL     WAL   SCO    NIR
TOTAL                       44       27         23        21      19

TOTAL                       40         30        26        15         8

COMBINED              ENG    IRL     SCO    WAL   NIR
TOTAL                       84        57        47        38       27                                  

Our only disappointment was the apparent lack of enthusiasm for our award winners at the evening banquet compared to the reception given to that given to the other country’s winners.  Perhaps we can to better next year in Southport 2019.

We would especially like to thank all of you competitors for the warm welcome you gave us and for the emails of thanks that we have received. We would also like to thank Julie Everett wife of Steve M55 Reserve for the invaluable help in distributing kit etc. on the Saturday morning.

David & Ruth Lesley (Team Managers)

2017 Report

EAMA Team Photo for B&I International XC 2017   Picture by Stephen Latimer (this and others at

In 2017 the event was hosted by the Northern Ireland Athletics Masters Association in Derry on 18th November 2017.  The series of races for Masters athletes took place on the Saturday afternoon on 18th November 2017 at Gransha Park in the City.

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