Edgar Nicholls 1924 – 2020

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of this much loved man. You will remember him handing you your number as you registered at our Track & Field Championships and always wishing you good luck. For years he officiated at the popular Road Relays in Sutton Park.

War deprived him of Olympian status; he was a Reserve for the 1948 London Olympics. He had such a pile of Worcester County AA medals before he reached Masters age that he offered them back to the County, he had won 38 Gold.  He never retired, not even from earning a living and contributing hugely to our sport whilst his wife Irene did the Seeding, Recording and other tasks for us. He won numerous BMAF age group events on the track and as a cross-country runner. As a 70-year old he was still helping a local farmer and could be found hunking bales of hay etc.

He and Irene have given their time and expertise generously not only to our sport, but to their community, local schools etc. Without such volunteers, we would all be so much poorer. At 96 he leaves us after a very fulfilling life.

We offer our sincere condolence to Irene and his family.

Bridget Cushen