England Masters XC Team Selection 2024

The EMAA cross country team selection will follow a similar process to last year with selection races held
on Saturday 28th September 2024. Teams will be selected for the British & Irish Masters’ Cross Country
International, which will be held in Belfast on Saturday 16 November 2024. The teams will be selected in all five year age categories from 35 to 80 plus. The venue for the trial races is Betley Court Farm, Main Road, Betley, Crewe, Cheshire CW3 9BH. The races will be held in conjunction with a North Staffordshire Cross Country League meeting.

Much more info on Cross Country page

Inter-Area X-Country – 5 Feb 2022 – Full Results

Results are available on OpenTrack at :
Men https://bmaf.opentrack.run/en-gb/x/2022/GBR/bmaf661/scores/all-men-all/
Women https://bmaf.opentrack.run/en-gb/x/2022/GBR/bmaf661/scores/all-women-all/

Results and some pictures at NEMAA News https://www.nemaa.co.uk/news

Race 1 – All women and Men 65+

Winning team of six scorers – NEMAA 86.32%

Carol Page 88.66%, Allie Wilson Craw 88.16%, Katherine Davis 88.06%, Jane Hodgson 85.48%, Jackie Murdy 84.03%, Maggie Lorraine 83.48%

Race 2 – Men 35 to 64

Winning team of 6 scorers – NEMAA 81.90%

Brian Martin 84.91%, David Nicholson 84.73%, Gavin Bayne 82.22%, David Graham 80.68%, Mark McNally 79.50%, Jarlath McKenna 79.36%

Runners up team – Welsh Masters Athletics Ltd. 76.37%

Combined overall  female top age graded result – Carol Page NEMAA W60  – 88.66%

Combined overall male top age graded result     –  Stanley Owen NMAC  –       87.49%

18 of the top age graded results were by NEMAA representatives.

Edgar Nicholls 1924 – 2020

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of this much loved man. You will remember him handing you your number as you registered at our Track & Field Championships and always wishing you good luck. For years he officiated at the popular Road Relays in Sutton Park.

War deprived him of Olympian status; he was a Reserve for the 1948 London Olympics. He had such a pile of Worcester County AA medals before he reached Masters age that he offered them back to the County, he had won 38 Gold.  He never retired, not even from earning a living and contributing hugely to our sport whilst his wife Irene did the Seeding, Recording and other tasks for us. He won numerous BMAF age group events on the track and as a cross-country runner. As a 70-year old he was still helping a local farmer and could be found hunking bales of hay etc.

He and Irene have given their time and expertise generously not only to our sport, but to their community, local schools etc. Without such volunteers, we would all be so much poorer. At 96 he leaves us after a very fulfilling life.

We offer our sincere condolence to Irene and his family.

Bridget Cushen

EAMA Indoor Inter Area Challenge – 1 Mar 2020

A new European Record for Julia Machin of MMAC in High Jump

In the match between six area clubs there were eight other CBPs and many closely contested events.  MMAC athlete W45 Julia Machin cleared 1.65m in the high jump to add two centimetres to the previous record.

The other CBPs were

Sally Hine                     W70             60m.                  10.34                   MMAC
Dominic Bradley          M40             200m.               22.96                   MMAC
Giuseppe Minetti        M50             200m.               24.62                   VAC
Tina Wickens               W50             400m.               65.05                   MMAC
Mark Symes                 M50             1500m.             4:17.69               SCVAC
Joanne Willoughby     W50             Long Jump        4.82                     MMAC
Carolyn Derbyshire     W35             2k. Walk           10:32.77             MMAC
Noel Blatchford           W70             2k. Walk           13:24.41             SCVAC

… and the Team Results were :

TEAM                          MEN          WOMEN             TOTAL
MMAC                          207              167                    374
EMAC                            188              148                    336
SCVAC                           156              135                    291
VAC                               165              110                    275
WMAA                          125              149                    274
SWVAC                           78                16                      94

England Masters Cross Country Team Selection for 2020

The EAMA cross country team selection process has been changed and there will now be a selection race for the teams to compete in the 2020 British & Irish Masters Cross Country International to be held in Dublin on 14 November 2020. The selection race will be held on 10 Oct 2020 and it will be incorporated within a North Midlands Cross Country League race. The team will be selected in all 5-year age categories. The venue for the race will be Markeaton Park, Kedlesdon Road, Derby DE22.

Full details and the selection for are available here :

and on the Cross Country page.

See later post update re-Covid Lockdown etc. https://englandmasters.org.uk/2020/05/07/british-irish-masters-cross-country-international-dublin-on-14-nov-2020/